NDEB Canada

The overseas dentists have to undergo the complete NDEB equivalency process in order to successfully complete the licensure requirements

NDEB Equivalency Process

The NDEB Equivalency Process includes three assessments. Successful completion of the assessments allows individuals to participate in the NDEB Certification Process.

Canadian Faculties of Dentistry also use results of select assessments in their admission process for Qualifying and Degree Completion Programs. Results of the assessments are automatically sent to Canadian Faculties of Dentistry that offer Qualifying and Degree Completion Programs. You can also request a transcript of your assessment marks be sent to a specific institution by through the “other services” tab of your online profile.

For more up to date information please visit https://ndeb-bned.ca/en/non-accredited

Dental101 X Winspert NDECC TM
Situational Judgement Program

The course will include:

  • Detailed Cluster explanation
  • Understanding of marking Rubrics
  • Generic Approach for the communication scenarios
  • Role plays + feedback
  • 45+ Case discussions and role plays
  • Infection control guidelines
  • Access to video tutorials and recorded sessions


Dr. Jigyasa Sharma

Dr. Mai Eltanbouli

Dr. Deepesh Sanduja

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