Dental101: Resources, tutoring, advice, mentoring, and guidance, for successfully obtaining your license to practice dentistry in Australia, New-Zealand and Canada.

Dental101 has the vision of helping internationally trained dentists succeed in satisfying the requirements for licensure, obtain their dental license, and enjoy life working in their chosen profession.

Dental101 is a source of information, resources, tutoring, advice, mentoring, and guidance, for many internationally trained dentists who have succeeded in clearing their licensure examination. We constantly monitor the licensing requirements stipulated by the authorities, and develop strategies, and packages for helping candidates succeed in the didactic, practical, and interview portions of the dental licensing process. We have assisted a lot of internationally trained dentists in obtaining their license. Many of these doctors are now tutors, and mentors at Dental101.

Our Team

Kanika Arora


Dr. Deepesh Sanduja


Dr. Deeksha


Dr. Rhada


Dr. Lina Maria


Dr. Edith Canales


Dr. Sonia Sangwan


Dr. Nupur Chamadia


Dr. Govind Jindal

(Honorary Instructors)

Dr. Darshan Thumar

(Honorary Instructor)

Dr. Varun Garg

(Specialist, Prosthodontist)

Prof. Michael Stubbs

(Specialist, Oral Medicine Specialist)

Mr. Bernard Lim

(Specialist, Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Kim

(Specialist, Endodontist)

Dr. Jessica

(Specialist, Periodontist)

Mrs. Sujitha

(Specialist, Hygienist / Therapist)

Mrs. Laura

(Specialist, Hygienist)

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