With Dental101, we will help you to develop your confidence, skills and competence that is required to address the ever changing landscape of dentistry

Dental 101’s proprietary courses are equipped to foster skills of talented dentists and auxiliary staff so that the dental patients, staff and professionals get the best possible dental education.

Our instructors, tutors, and mentors are licensed dentists who have completed their dental education, and are successfully practicing in different parts of the world.
Our tutoring, guidance, and mentor-ship programs will acquaint you with the standards and competencies for dental practice in Australia, New-Zealand and Canada. The practices, knowledge taken from our various courses can be applied to any dental practice within limits of skills, competence and local laws and restrictions.

You will practice using modern dental simulation equipment, instruments, materials, and techniques, in a relaxed learning environment; thus making it easy for you to prepare for success in your everyday practice and for the licensing exams.

We offer preparatory didactic packages, hands-on practical instruction, and patient management guidance, designed to meet the licensing requirements published by the licensing bodies.

At Dental101, we take the stress out of your licensing exam preparation by constantly monitoring, and studying the licensing requirements, and designing the best strategies and packages for your success. You only need to focus on study, and practicing to sharpen your clinical skills.

Our Team

Kanika Arora


Dr. Deepesh Sanduja


Dr. Deeksha


Dr. Rhada


Dr. Lina Maria


Dr. Edith Canales


Dr. Sonia Sangwan


Dr. Nupur Chamadia


Dr. Govind Jindal

(Honorary Instructors)

Dr. Darshan Thumar

(Honorary Instructor)

Dr. Varun Garg

(Specialist, Prosthodontist)

Prof. Michael Stubbs

(Specialist, Oral Medicine Specialist)

Mr. Bernard Lim

(Specialist, Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Kim

(Specialist, Endodontist)

Dr. Jessica

(Specialist, Periodontist)

Mrs. Sujitha

(Specialist, Hygienist / Therapist)

Mrs. Laura

(Specialist, Hygienist)