NDEB New-Zealand

The Council’s New Zealand Dentist Registration Examination (NZDREX) previously consisted of a written examination, run jointly with the Australian Dental Council; and a clinical examination, run by the University of Otago on behalf of the Council.

In 2015, the Council outsourced its NZDREX assessments to the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB).

In order to practice dentistry in New Zealand, NZDREX candidates now have to pass the NDEB equivalency process.

The equivalency process comprises of the following three components:

  • an assessment of your fundamental knowledge (AFK)
  • an assessment of your clinical judgement (ACJ)
  • an assessment of your clinical skills (ACS).

For updated information on NZDREX process please visit http://www.dcnz.org.nz

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